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I am a software developer living in the greater Vancouver area of British Columbia with an education in theoretical physics.

When I am not working or doing normal stuff I often investigate diverse topics that can loosely be described as pertaining to global sustainability.  These include climate change, agriculture, food security, transportation, population, energy, packaging and waste, biodiversity, and, well anything that is a piece of the overall sustainability puzzle.

PonderTerra, is my attempt to share some of my interests and ideas.  As this blog is my first serious attempt at writing in a public forum, I expect that my writing style will evolve and improve over time.

The name PonderTerra is associated with 3 Latin words:

Terra: (n) earth.  The topics that I am interested in generally have global interest or importance and involve some aspect of life in the biosphere.

Pondera: (n) balance or equilibrium.  Sustainability is all about reaching a state of long-term equilibrium.

Pondero: (v) to weigh, consider or reflect.  The best solutions require careful analysis and objectivity.


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